JANINE BLANCHARD - RCST, Osteopath (Germany)

Janine B.jpg

My interest in health started at a very early age. I remember pulling my mother into a health food store at age 7 to talk nutrition with one of the
employees. At age 13 I received my first bodywork session and took a class in this particular modality shortly after.

During high school, I started having knee pain after a 6-week cycling trip in the French Alps. A visit to an Osteopath fixed my pain in one single session! He didn’t even touch my knee as the root cause of my pain came from elsewhere. I was fascinated! After personally experiencing the benefits, I was committed to study and complete a 5-year, full-time Osteopathy program in Germany. This has given me the opportunity to have the medical background as well as knowledge of the body-mind connection to better understand the body's healing processes.

I graduated in 2008 with a diploma from the  German College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am also licensed as a Naturopath in Germany. Over the course of my studies, I received extensive training in Craniosacral Therapy, along with Visceral (Organ) Manipulation and Musculoskeletal Therapies. I would like my work to function as a guideline for exploration, possibility and inquiry into health rather than a set of techniques. I love helping people recover from chronic and acute pain and I am fascinated by the new developments and research in pain physiology and management. Early on in my studies I focused on working with children. After countless classes, workshops and discussions with doctors and practitioners from all over the world, I am very passionate about helping new moms with breastfeeding issues and babies & children that are not as comfortable in their bodies as they could be.

My family moved from Portland, Oregon to the beautiful foothills of Tahoe in the summer of 2016. I am beyond excited to be part of Elevate’s team and serve the community of Lake Tahoe!