“There is a pattern, an order, in human bodies…. When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.
Then spontaneously, the body heals itself.” ~ Ida P. Rolf


Structural integration was developed by Ida P Rolf.  It is a systematic whole body approach to realignment through reorganization of the connective tissue, or fascia, matrix found within the body.  Connective tissue, or fascia, encompasses every bone, muscle, organ, blood vessel, and nerve in our bodies in a web like fashion, connecting all aspects of our bodies together.  Because of this connection, something that may occur in one area may have further reaching effects than what we realize. 

There are obvious things that we do.  For example, compensating for an injury may put strain on one area of the body while another area has less mobility.  However, there are other components of our lives that can also affect our physical structure.  Movement patterns and the way in which our bodies respond to certain emotional stimuli can also affect our structure and cause us to take on less than optimal alignment.  When we get out of alignment, gravity, that never ending force that is constantly affecting us every moment of our existence, can start to have more negative effects as certain areas take on additional tension in order to keep us upright and moving forward.  Since these compensations may show up in various places and in varying degrees, taking a whole body approach toward more optimal alignment ensures that each area of compensation is addressed, thus leading to a higher probability for a more highly functioning form.   

An efficient and functioning body allows for less pain, fewer injuries, and enhanced performance giving way to increased enjoyment in the things you love to do.  A more efficient body also allows for increased energy which can be transferred into all aspects of your life.  

~ Align your body. Align your life. ~


I was first introduced to Structural Integration when I received my first 10-series as a gift from my father-in-law.  I was so inspired by my experience, the work, and its ability to create profound change in peopleʼs lives, both on a physical and emotional level, that I decided to pursue becoming a practitioner as a second career.  I undertook my practitioner training in 2010 at the New School of Structural Integration in Laguna Beach, CA, before completing my technical training.

I became a Structural Integrator for two primary reasons: 

1) The Structural Integration process makes sense to me.  It provides a unique avenue to healing by taking a full body approach to reorganize the connective tissue matrix within the body to obtain more optimal alignment while at the same time providing the client with more acute body awareness through movement education and dialogue exploring the mind/body connection. 

2) The profound changes that I have not only experienced in myself, but also observed in my clients and others that have experienced Structural Integration are amazing and inspiring.

I am energized by working with all types of people to facilitate a healing process that will enable them to pursue the lifestyle they desire and deserve.  I am inspired in helping my clients become more aware of their bodies and how their thoughts can affect how they move.  I especially enjoy educating my clients on how to move and use their bodies more efficiently and effectively to rid themselves of movement patterns that do not serve them.  Through the movement education, as well as physical bodywork and dialogue, I encourage my clients to pursue fluidity and ease, which can be applied in all aspects of their lives.  This is integration.

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  • Structural Integration Session / $175 / 90min

  • 10 sessions / $1575 (10% discount)