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As an athlete and life-long health and fitness enthusiast the human body has always
fascinated me. The never-ending curiosity to learn more about how the body functions
intertwined with a passion to help others is why I am a wellness therapist. In 2004 I graduated
from the National Holistic Institute and in 2006 I established, Performance Sports Massage in
Santa Rosa, where I worked with many college, semi-pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Working with this population motivated me to continue my educational quest for a deeper
understanding of how to help others with injuries, chronic pain and unmanageable tension
through bodywork. Graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in
Kinesiology, gave me the tools needed to understand the human body and its relationship to
overall good health and pain management.

I continued my passion for learning by blending my experience and knowledge with the
study of Trigger Point Therapy developed by Janet Travell to provide Neuromuscular Therapy to
help address underlying dysfunctional movement patterns created by daily activities and
injuries. I feel a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is essential to bring the body back
into balance. The body is amazing at healing its self when coupled with empowering
knowledge. This is a key philosophy I bring to my work as a Neuromuscular Therapist and
Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Now as I am settling into the mountains of South Lake Tahoe, I am very excited to
provide Neuromuscular Therapy and an integrative approach to pain management to the
outgoing community of Lake Tahoe. Teaching for the last 5 years at the National Holistic
Institute has given me the ability to provide other integrative medicine practices including
prenatal therapy and lymphatic drainage therapy. Empowering through education is a passion I
bring to my practice; the goal is to go beyond pain free living and Elevate your health to its full