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I am a home birth Midwife, Doula, Herbalist, and mother of three beautiful children. My journey to midwifery began with the birth of my first child in 1997 at my home in Sisters, OR. I was attended by my Midwife and now mentor, Anita Rojas, her assistant, and my partner. The relationship that I had with my midwife was so nurturing and real that I felt completely safe and trusted that my body knew exactly what to do. I began labor feeling peaceful, unafraid, empowered and wise.

The result was a healthy 8lb baby boy, born safely at home into my arms. I had no complications and I remembered asking myself why I had heard so many horror stories about the pain and trials of labor. That was the moment that I knew I had to be a midwife and discover all the wisdom that my midwife had shared with me. I knew more women needed to be given the natural birth option. At that moment I knew that birth was natural, safe and a rite of passage into motherhood. Entering this time in my life feeling strong, powerful, and wise was a wonderful beginning for my family. I now have three beautiful, healthy children that have all been born safely at home with midwives. I have been attending births for 14 years and every single one is sacred to me. I absolutely love what I do. I trust women to birth in their own way and it is my job and my hope to honor each family and what that means for them.

I have been an herbalist for 16 years and I have been attending births for almost as long. I have worked with hundreds of families and love the work that I do.

To view a list of all of the services that I offer, please visit my website, ohanaborn.com