My nutrition practice is built on the concept of biochemical individuality. No two bodies are biochemically alike, therefore there is no one size fits all diet or healing protocol. Our nutritional needs change from day to day, even hour to hour, based on our environment, our emotional state, and more. Through an extensive look into each client’s history, and through a statistical assessment of nutritional and metabolic status, I design a healing strategy that is completely personalized. I take a holistic approach with the goal of peeling back the layers of dis-ease to find the root cause of what ails my clients. My ultimate goal for each client is to help them fully heal so that they can live to their full potential. I understand how challenging the healing journey can often be for people so I take a gentle approach to empowering my clients and helping them to stay accountable, while also reminding them to stay compassionate with themselves. Changing one’s habits is rarely easy, but with a commitment to one’s self and with my professional guidance I am confident that my clients can reclaim their health and live optimally.


At the time of the initial consultation, she will provide you with a summary of any nutritional or metabolic imbalances you may have, potential causes of such imbalances, and the effects they may have on your well-being. Emilie will  provide you with a personalized protocol strategy, a meal plan, and some recipes to try.

Follow-up sessions consist of going over any updates in your protocol strategy, and/or moving on to address any other imbalances, if relevant. She will provide you with an updated meal plan and more recipes.

Emilie is available to answer questions and give support via text, call, or email. In some cases, clients feel they need more extensive support while completing certain protocols. In this case, a follow-up session would consist of discussing challenges you are facing and ways to overcome those challenges. Adjustments may be made in the approach to your healing, if necessary. Because each protocol strategy is designed specifically for the individual, each case takes hours of planning. For this reason, it is important that all required paperwork, and your Nutri-body Questionnaire is completed and returned to Emilie no later than 7 days prior to your initial consultation. For this reason, she also charges a deposit for half of your total consultation fee at the time of scheduling your appointment.




Emilie uses the Nutri-body Analysis to assess your biochemical status and needs. With over 600 questions in 55 categories, the Nutri-body Analysis is the most accurate method currently available for pinpointing nutritional and metabolic imbalances. Combined with a look into your personal and family medical histories, current diet and lifestyle, and your personal health goals, she designs a healing program just for you. Depending on how complex your health status is, and depending on your health goals, you may only need to work together for a couple of sessions, or it may need to be a more extended period of time. Regardless, her goal as your coach is to help you reach optimal health so that you no longer need any professional nutritional guidance.


  • Initial Consultation: 1.5hrs / $130

  • Follow Up Session: 1.5hrs / $100

  • Support Sessions: 30min / $30

Packages available - please call for more information (8 & 12 weeks)

To schedule a 30 minute pre-consult for $30, please call us at (530) 541 9355* (*redeemable from the cost of your initial consultation)