Emilie’s nutrition practice is built on the concept of biochemical individuality. No two bodies are alike, therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet or healing protocol.

Our nutritional needs change constantly with our environment, emotions, and much more. Understanding how challenging the healing journey can often be, Emilie‘s gentle but knowledgeable approach is aimed at empowering clients by giving them the tools they need to help themselves, while also reminding them to be compassionate to their inner being.

Changing one’s habits is rarely easy, but with a commitment to one’s wellness journey, and with professional guidance, Emilie is confident that we can all reclaim our health to live optimal lives.



Emilie received her Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN) in 2017 from The Edison Institute of Nutrition which she chose due to the curriculum’s focus on addressing chronic health issues such as gut disorders, food sensitivities, and autoimmune disease.

Her love for Holistic Nutrition grew out of her own experiences with chronic health issues. Years of searching for answers from doctor after doctor left her feeling all but abandoned by the modern medical system. Eventually, Emilie took her health into her own hands and found her own answers through diet changes and gut healing protocols. During her health journey she received an outpouring of calls and emails from loved ones who had been struggling in silence with their own digestive and chronic health issues, looking for advice on how they too could find better health.

This opened Emilie’s mind to the epidemic of gut disorders in the US and her passion to learn more grew from there. Her decision to go back to school and pursue a career in Nutrition came after the loss of a loved one; an experience that served as a soul-shaking wake-up call for Emilie. Coaching and empowering others through their own healing journeys has become one of Emilie’s greatest sources of joy and passion. Additionally, she is thrilled to be a part of Elevate’s team of practitioners where she can collaborate and consult alongside other providers in multiple fields, in order to serve her clients in the best way possible.



• Nutrition Consulting sessions allow clients to gain professional advice, such as the pros and cons of specific diets, how to navigate and adhere to a certain protocol (ie. Paleo, Low Fodmap), or simply how to better understand and apply the often confusing and contradictory advice found in the wider world to your own unique condition.

• Personalized Gut Healing Guidance is for those in need of more intensive assistance. This is an in-depth program for those suffering from IBS, SIBO, Candida, or Leaky Gut, among other conditions. A thorough review of your personal and medical history will allow Emilie to assess where you may have nutritional or metabolic imbalances – from there she will design a protocol specific to your needs and goals, including dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations. The service starts with two 90 minute consultations followed by regular support sessions where needed. Included in this program is a sample one-week meal plan designed to help ease the transition to a healthier way of eating for those who may find it a challenge.

• Personalized Meal Planning membership consists of monthly plans designed with your unique dietary needs in mind. Each month you will receive daily menus with complete nutritional breakdowns, easy-to- follow recipes, and a check-listed shopping list for your convenience, helping guide you through the process of making considerable dietary changes. If you should you find that something isn’t working, Support Sessions are available with Emilie to fine-tune these meal plans as you move forward on your health journey.

The planning service is available by subscription and easily accessible via email. It can be cancelled at any time.


  • Initial Consultation / 1.5hrs / $120

  • Follow Up Session / 1.5hrs / $120

  • Support Sessions / 30min / $40

Packages available - please call for more information.