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I am a recent graduate of Edison Institute of Nutrition. My passion for nutrition developed after years of struggling with deteriorating health. I was chronically fatigued and chronically ill. I spent years in doctors' offices, never any closer to relief. After having a very upsetting experience with a specialist who tried to convince me that all of my symptoms were psychosomatic, I decided it was time to take my health into my own hands. By that point I was debilitated by my symptoms, unable to work or maintain my course load in school. My journey towards health started with an elimination diet that led me to discover I had a number of food sensitivities. In the next few years I worked hard to completely revamp my diet and lifestyle, all the while sharing my journey openly with friends and family. I had more and more people coming to me for advice with their own health struggles and I often felt conflicted about not knowing how exactly to help them. Nutrition had become my greatest passion and I felt called to pursue a formal education in the field so that I could guide others in reclaiming their own lives. 

I chose Edison Institute of Nutrition, not only because it was the longest program and required the most science courses, but because it specialized in food sensitivities and chronic health concerns. I am a firm believer in holistic remedies, but being the daughter of a nurse, I am adamant about the knowledge I share being scientifically supported. My education taught me more about the human body and the healing process than I had ever imagined I would learn. Through the extensive clinical work required of me throughout the EIN program, I quickly began to see how taking a personalized approach based on biochemical individuality not only further transformed my own life, but also the lives of my first clients.

It is my greatest joy to now be able to offer my skills and knowledge to the Tahoe community.