Conquer holiday stress with self care

It's hard to escape the merry and brightness at this time of the year.

With the holidays fast approaching, everything is getting that bit more twinkly: houses are lighting up, ski resorts are opening, turkeys are being prepped, and there's snow on the horizon, lifting our spirits with the hope of waking up to a fresh blanket.

10 tips for a healthy holiday season

For some, the holidays are a time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

For others, it is a stressful time, plagued by financial worries, having to deal with annoying uncle Larry, planning trips, and for many, the worry of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle amongst so many tempting foods.

Tips for beating the cold weather blues naturally

Fall is officially upon us. The aspens are glowing with beautiful yellow and orange hues and our yards are becoming inundated with pine needles. Neighbors are scrambling to get their wood supply cut before the snow falls, and many of us have already busted out scarves and autumn boots.

Eating for the changing season: Ground and nourish yourself through food

We tie ourselves to the seasons. All summer, we do what we can to spend as many daylight hours outdoors, participating in high energy activities. Our diets are lighter, fresher, and the foods we consume are generally cooling in nature, and designed to keep the fire element in check.

How acupuncture, Chinese medicine can support immune systems

It's that time of year again! The season is changing, the temperatures are dropping, and the kids have gone back to school. For some of us, transitions can be less than gentle and fluidic. Taking a deeper look into what is happening during this transitional time can help ease the process.

Somatic experiencing for pain management and relief

Somatic Experiencing is a body-based method to resolve symptoms of traumatic stress, including tension and pain. Pain and trauma often go hand-in-hand, and involve a complex overlapping of physical and emotional symptoms. Pain and trauma can be challenging to diagnose and treat when the approach is specific to either the mind or the body but does not consider the interconnection of the two. SE works with the bi-directional communication between the body and brain and addresses both physical and emotional responses as they emerge. As such, it can be a powerful tool in managing, and relieving, chronic pain and tension holistically.

Pain and the brain: How perception, mindfulness and personal experience all play a critical role in managing pain

The human experience and pain are symbiotic; pain is universal, yet highly individualized. We need to feel pain to navigate and survive in our environments. Our reaction to pain is formed at an evolutionary level, meaning our primitive brain reacts and starts a cascade of physiological events. However, pain is a complex phenomenon, in that each person experiences it differently making the experience subjective, with no specific diagnostic tools to accurately capture the full capacity of the situation.

Acute vs. chronic pain: What’s the difference and why do treatment options need to vary?

Understanding pain, and the suffering that it causes, still eludes us despite decades of research in the field.

Chronic pain is recognized as the most frequent cause of disability in the United States and many other industrialized nations today. The diagnosis, physiology, symptoms and treatment of acute vs. chronic pain are quite different and require separate consideration.

Cool down and energize on hot Tahoe mornings

I don't know about you, but these peak-of-summer mornings are getting a little too hot for a steaming cup of coffee. Yes, yes, iced coffee is an easy option but as we love all things health and wellness related, we thought we'd look for some awesome alternatives to that morning cup of Joe that will help refresh, hydrate, boost you up and give you a glow.

Slow down, you’ll get there quicker

It's finally here. This most loved and hated season. The one so many of us rely on for our paychecks, and the one we so look forward to in the depths of winter. And yet, it's inextricably one that many of us despise in equal measures with the onslaught of traffic, never ending construction zones and myriad of alternative transport options that invade the sidewalks.